Meet Our Associate - Shoni

Edited by: Mary Schofield | September 2018


Every day, Veritude associates work in a variety of temporary or contract roles that vary by skill, experience level and length according to the needs of the business at Fidelity Investments. Whether it’s a temporary job lasting a day, a few months or temp-to-hire assignment, we are truly grateful for the talented individuals that contribute to the firm and/or to Veritude directly.

Meet Our Associate:
North Carolina
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Started at Veritude:
January, 2015
Shoni, what was your first Fidelity job with Veritude and how long did you think you would be there?
I started as a Talent Acquisition Consultant with the Personal Investing (PI) Investor Centers. I wasn’t sure how long this assignment would be, but I was fortunate to gain valuable experience before accepting a role with the Leap Program’s University Talent team.
What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting with Veritude?
Utilize the resources available to you as a Veritude associate. Take full advantage of discovering the company you work for and all it has to offer. The door is open to us to ask questions and gain insights from your Veritude resources, so feel free to reach out to them.
What or who inspires you professionally?
I’m inspired by my coworkers. They remain determined, present and positive in the midst of difficult circumstances and major life events. We have the opportunity to share eight hours a day together in the same space, and they have become my work family. I’m so appreciative of the dedication, enthusiasm and passion they bring to work every day. It encourages me.
What’s the best career advice you were ever given?
Be willing to open your mouth and ask for what you want. I used to be painfully shy, and my parents would often tell me to project and not be afraid to share.
What’s your commute like and how do you get to work?
I’m going to ask the long-distance commuters to look away from the computer now. I have an 8-minute drive. Sometimes my commute is shorter than the time it takes me to walk from the parking garage to my desk.
Veritude associates have the opportunity to get integrated with Fidelity colleagues beyond their current departments. For example, they can join various employee resource groups or participate in Fidelity sponsored volunteer opportunities. In what types of ways have you gotten more involved?
I’ve been involved in Fidelity’s Employee Resource Group that supports the development of our Black and Latino co-workers (Aspire) and Fidelity Young Professionals Network (FYPN). I am involved in their mentoring program, both as a mentee and a mentor. In addition, I was on the team which helped launch the NC Chapter of the Employee Resource Group EnABLE which is focused on helping those with physical and mental disabilities.

I have participated in Speak Easy, which is Fidelity’s version of Toastmasters, volunteered for Fidelity Cares and Transformation Days, and presented at Fidelity career workshop events. I love all of it and encourage Veritude associates to participate!

After interviewing Shoni, we decided to ask a couple of her co-workers about what it's like to work with her. Here's what they had to say:

Shoni is an amazing teammate. She is always willing to offer a hand or share her expertise. She brings a positive and vibrant energy to every interaction, and I look forward to the projects where I get to collaborate with her.
Kimberly Howell

Shoni has been a wonderful asset to the team from Day 1. Her excitement and positive energy is contagious!
Christine Cantu

Shoni’s positive attitude and passion for her job shine immensely. She is always ensuring each candidate she communicates with has a great experience from beginning to end – and they do! We are so fortunate to have Shoni on our team and in Talent Acquisition.
Heather Read

Thank you Shoni for choosing Veritude!